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Hannah's fictional popularity translated into a real-life fan-base for Cyrus as several singles credited to the character charted on the Billboard Hot 100 (including "The Best of Both Worlds", "Life's What You Make It", "He Could Be the One", etc, though all of the songs were performed by Cyrus) and when she embarked on her sold-out Best of Both Worlds Tour in 2007, where she performed the first set of songs as Hannah Montana and the second set as herself.

Cyrus' song "The Climb" was the first song, credited to herself instead of the character, from an official Hannah Montana soundtrack album to become a hit single (peaking at #4 on the Billboard charts, making it her "crossover song" into mainstream pop, while Hoedown Throwdown (off the same soundtrack album) was her first Top 10.

Halliwell draws a parallel between Wilde's philosophy and Aristophanes' famous question about the comedies written by Menander: "O Menander and Life! ", noting, however, that Aristophanes was a precursor to Wilde, and not necessarily espousing the positions that Wilde was later to propound.

As in an example posited by Wilde, although there has been fog in London for centuries, one notices the beauty and wonder of the fog because "poets and painters have taught the loveliness of such effects... Mc Grath places the antimimetic philosophy in a tradition of Irish writing, including Wilde and writers such as Synge and Joyce in a group that "elevate blarney (in the form of linguistic idealism) to aesthetic and philosophical distinction", noting that Terry Eagleton observes an even longer tradition that stretches "as far back in Irish thought as the ninth-century theology of John Scottus Eriugena" and "the fantastic hyperbole of the ancient sagas".

Wilde's antimimetic idealism, specifically, Mc Grath describes to be part of the late nineteenth century debate between Romanticism and Realism.

aims for a simple life of psychedelic music, subconscious words of wisdom, and cheap cold beer.

however, this simple life isn't easy to achieve and maintain – so while justifying his life of luxury, he walks the streets and thinks thoughts - forget everyone else - wake up to yourself - stop fooling yourself - happiness is a dead end - converstation is merely a place where wankers jerk each other off - its ok to be sadwhen it happened a forth time i realised i keep everything in my life in perspective, and within priority - nothing really means anything other than matters of the heart, soul, and the deeper mind - i have a bad day, yet i walk outside and feel the cold melbourne air on my face, and soon hear mystic tunes of psychedelia that draw me to my loved ones - and it is the deep thoughts of those people, and the time shared with them, that help dissipate bad vibes into beautiful drizzly thick grey fog, that i walk straight throughwhen it happened a fifth time i realised i no longer want to change anyone’s mind - i’d sit amongst arguments and feel like i’m sinking into a heated bean-bag - i state my opinion, when i feel informed enough to do so - but im comfortable enough to change it if logic poked her/his head and winked, suggesting more - arguments aren’t competitions to be won - but if they were, i’d want to lose - i’d welcome itwhen it happened a sixth time i realised i keep an open mind to everything all the time - my opinions are really flexible, because i want to keep learning and improve my thinking - i realised everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not all opinions are right, correct or good - having an opinion and changing is something substantialwhen it happened a seventh time i realised i take comfort in my own company - i leant the difference between alone and lonely - i snubbed the social stigma of eating-solo and drinking-solo and cinema-going-solo - travelling solo - alone with my thoughts, alone with myself - allowing my mind to wander with no guidance or influence - losing myself with the opinion that one can never truly find themselves - and that’s infinite, and good for the soulwhen it happened an eighth time i realised i rely on wild-natural-surroundings to charge my soul, and give me energy and inspiration - the world as it is, was, should and will be - seeing the oceans constant never-ending ebb and flow - seeing leafs fall - the moon shine - the rain come - the earth was it has been for millions of years, right before your eyes - true peace bewhen it happened a tenth time i realised i need to write to keep myself happy - creative at least - do something that represents something, explores and/or discovers something new from within - do something that keeps me insane and something that keeps me abnormal - something that keeps me high from the drag of normality, the dry obvious-trends, the sickening pathetic-buzz-words and the sad-popular-coolness - nerds are cool these days, but im a fucking weirdowhen it happened an eleventh time i realised i need to keep reading books, and stockpile a collection of books so i always have something to read - my current collection of books to be read is almost 150cm highwhen it happened a twelfth time i realised i look to the stars every chance i get - the absolute infinite - true existence - are we alone? and therefore are we the universe’s biggest (and only) mistake?

The combination of my love for all things Westeros and the work we do with business leaders at Kotter International has made me keenly aware that the leadership styles we see in Game of Thrones are frequently played out in real life.


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