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I remember on my 18th birthday we went out and had a scotch together; it was my first with him. The upside is that I make sure I am really close with my boys.We do things together - I cuddle and kiss them and show them there's no need to be shy about doing that.My sister, Nicole, or Coley as I used to call her because I couldn't pronounce her name as a kid, are still very close. We were laughing about the old days playing catch and kiss. I replied, "Well, you were mine as well." She'd gone for the big pash, and I'd said to her, "I had no idea you knew how to kiss." I'd just been going for the kiss.

I had just completed boarding school and came back home and we started to hang out a bit more.

When I was younger, Dad was always working; he had his own business. I was angry at that time, because I was just starting to get to know him.

Then my family moved to Brisbane and I went to boarding school for year 11 and 12 at Nudgee College.

I remember my mum, Jan, being pretty firm when we were growing up. I felt I was brought up the right way; I remember her tickling my back or rubbing my head to put me to sleep as a child.

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    After all, when disagreements eventually do come up, it can often be others who help you talk through it, apologize and make up.

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    In order to receive a diploma from Princeton High School, students must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credits from grade 9 to grade 12.

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    Pro tip: Don’t get too excited about that ski resort.