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And will she begin to see that a love connection was made, even though fate didn’t bring them together?Cast Info For Elegant and timeless, two-time Emmy nominee Brenda Strong was most recently seen in the feature film “The Leisure Class,” produced in conjunction with HBO’s behind-the-scenes documentary series “Project Greenlight.” She also recently ended a three-season run as Ann Ewing in TNT’s continuation of the classic series “Dallas.”“Garrett’s film credits include Disney sequel “Tron: Legacy,” as ‘Siren Jem’ opposite an all star cast including Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde.I was terrified he might of connected with one of the other 11 women there, but he did come right over to me after the event & got my number, we got engaged a year later & married in April 2010!

is a two-hour movie about a busy chef who lacks love in her life until her nosy mother fixes her up on a date.

It is directed by Gary Harvey and written by Brian L. The full cast stars, Beau Garrett as Claire Michaels, Brenda Strong as Helen Michaels, Ben Ayres as Eric Carlton, Garwin Sanford as Sam Michaels, Peter Graham-Gaudreau as Arnie Michaels, John Cassini as Marco, Marci T.

To help out, Claire’s meddling mommy, Helen, makes it her mission to find someone suitable for her daughter.

She knows that Claire will never do it, so Helen takes it upon herself to set up a fake dating profile at Destiny Match — a popular dating site for singles.

After agreeing to go out with Claire, Eric falls for her, and the two begin a relationship.