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Whilst vocals are strong, they lend themselves well to soft rock, but the addition of a bolder backing band with this album takes the music further.

There could be the temptation for slow ballads, the whole album is fast paced and uplifting.'Love Love' and 'This Pretty Face' stand out as catchy tracks with a sing a long factor, but each track would be amazing to see live.

The album's lead single, "Slow It Down" was a modest hit in the United Kingdom, charting at forty-five on the UK Singles Chart; it also charted in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Amy Macdonald (25.8.1987)Amy Macdonald is a Scottish singer-songwriter, who rose to fame with the release of her debut album, This Is The Life, in 2007.

Macdonald has stated that Travis are one of her biggest influences, as well as Pete Doherty and The Killers.


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