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Any and all permitted copies of the Software that you make or distribute must be unmodified, must contain all of the original Software’s proprietary notices, and must include or be accompanied by this Agreement. SHOULD THE SOFTWARE PROVE DEFECTIVE, YOU, AND NOT WDT, ITS LICENSORS OR RESELLERS, ASSUME THE ENTIRE COST OF NECESSARY SERVICING, REPAIR, OR CORRECTION. TO THE EXTENT NOT PROHIBITED BY LAW, IN NO EVENT WILL WDT OR ITS LICENSORS, OR THEIR RESPECTIVE DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, CONSULTANTS, LICENSORS, LICENSEES OR AFFILIATES, BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE DOWNLOAD, DISTRIBUTION, USE OR PERFORMANCE OR NON-PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE, EVEN IF WDT HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. You will not remove or export from the United States or re-export from anywhere any part of the Software or any direct product thereof to any country in violation of U. Export Administration Regulations, or a successor thereto, except in compliance with and with all licenses and approvals required under applicable export laws and regulations including, without limitation, those of the U. You agree that the Licensors are third party beneficiaries of this Agreement to enforce your performance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

You may not separate the Software into component parts for sublicense, distribution or transfer to a third party. WDT IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO CREATE OR PROVIDE SOFTWARE UPDATES, UPGRADES OR TO PROVIDE SOFTWARE SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE. THE FOREGOING LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY SHALL APPLY NOTWITHSTANDING ANY FAILURE OF ANY REMEDY PROVIDED FOR HEREUNDER IN ITS ESSENTIAL PURPOSE. The provisions of Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 shall survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement.

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Sansa Firmware Updater (Windows Version Only) - The latest Sansa Firmware Updater will update the Clip to the latest firmware.

If you do not have the Sansa Firmware Updater it can be downloaded here: Download Sansa Firmware Updater If you prefer to use the drag and drop file method, then please follow the instructions below.

Use of this application, in compliance with all copyright and applicable intellectual property laws and terms and conditions herein, is your responsibility. You may not embed or combine the Software within any other software product or device. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” WITH ALL FAULTS AND WITH NO WARRANTIES AND NEITHER WDT NOR ITS LICENSORS MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, IN LAW OR FROM THE COURSE OF DEALING OR USAGE OF TRADE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-INTERFERENCE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF ANY THIRD PARTY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, OR EQUIVALENTS UNDER THE LAWS OF ANY JURISDICTION. This Agreement is governed by and construed under the laws of the State of California and controlling U. federal law without regard to conflicts of laws provisions thereof. Any action or proceeding arising from or relating to this Agreement shall be adjudicated in the state or federal courts of Santa Clara County, California, and the parties hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of such courts.

The Software contains proprietary and confidential information of WDT and its Licensors, which you agree not to reveal to others. Please see WDT’s Privacy Statement for further information. YOU ASSUME THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE. You represent and warrant that you are not located in a country subject to U. government embargo or designated as a “terrorist supporting” country and that you are not on any U. government listing of prohibited or restricted parties. Any waivers or amendments of this Agreement shall be effective only if made in writing and signed by an authorized representative of each party.

Use of the Software by the Government constitutes acknowledgement of WDT’s proprietary rights therein.


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