updating rkhunter dat - Updating non genuine xp

That doesn't mean it can't or hasn't happened, but to me, it's an irrational fear - if you have properly obtained your copy of Windows, then you have nothing to be concerned about.

The odds of a problem are probably up there with the odds of dying in a plane crash - yes it could happen, but statistically, your safer than when you drive to the airport.

I am about to apply updates to a windows xp installation I have not booted in a couple of years.

When going to update.microsoft.com, it forced me first to accept an activex installation and now it wants me to install wga: Details Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) 1.1 MB , less than 1 minute The Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool enables you to verify that your copy of Microsoft Windows is genuine.

However, if one was doing all this manually, one might also take a shortcut and download somebody else's version of the update files. Anyway, the OP got good answers on "how-to" do the manual updates and avoid WGA.


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