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Blanc's posting of the graphic was accompanied by the description and hashtag "May as well be a checklist.... In a November 17, 2014 interview on CNN, Blanc denied that he used the graphic in his seminars or for dating advice, instead saying "this is so far in the opposite direction of what I teach, that I stupidly thought, you know mocking it would be funny." Blanc stated in his CNN interview that he was not actually applying force to the woman's neck, and that his intent in posting the photos in that way was merely to provoke shock, and was a "horrible attempt at humor." By November 6, 2014, Li's social media campaign had led to Blanc's and Real Social Dynamics events in Melbourne, Brisbane, Austin, and Seattle being shut down and in online ticketing service Eventbrite removing all Real Social Dynamics events from its site.Scheduled "boot camps" in Japan and also in Canada were canceled by Real Social Dynamics until further notice around November 13 out of a fear that their instructor's safety could not be guaranteed; contact would be via Twitter and You Tube instead.Carlos Xuma is a dating and attraction expert, as well as a Black Belt martial arts instructor and motivational life counselor.

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The posts criticized by protesters, he said, were "stupid attempt[s] at humor" that had been taken out of context, and were not used as instructional materials in his courses.

He said that he was "overwhelmed by the way people are responding," that he was “reevaluating everything I put out” on the Internet, but that he hoped to continue to teach seminars.

Besides the Tokyo video, Blanc's critics have noted other issues which they allege prove that Blanc promotes and teaches domestic violence and emotional abuse as a form of seduction.

On one occasion Blanc posted a "Power and Control Wheel" graphic associated with the Duluth model intended to illustrate ways in which women in abusive relationships are controlled and abused by their male partners.

Following the visa denial, the BBC interviewed documentary maker Tim Samuels about his perceptions of the seminar taught by Blanc featured in Samuels' documentary "The Hunt for Real Men" broadcast the previous June.