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Her profile at Christian Singles was the only one Fred Topping, a Lutheran, had expressed interest in. “If everything has been designed by God, then this was too,” she adds, the contentment in her voice loud and clear.Topping is one of millions of Christians who have collectively spent millions of dollars searching for that special someone on the Internet, where dating and matchmaking have became a booming business.“God reveals His will in a variety of ways and we have to resist the idea that there’s a predictable formula to follow that leads to a spouse.” One problem is that a lot of outfits want to cash in on Internet dating, leading to a congested and confusing landscape.

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Though aware of the dangers of physically meeting a man she had only virtual knowledge of—there are dozens of stories of women being attacked or worse by Internet suitors—she agreed to meet her “cyber-beau” in August 2001 at his home in Mountain View, Calif., about 60 km south of San Francisco. “Cecil had every quality I ever wanted,” says Aird, who grew up in the United Church of Canada, with involvement here and there with a Pentecostal church.

“I was worried,” she concedes, “but I took precautions.” She stayed at a motel and called and “regularly” emailed family back home. “He’s extremely kind and focused on his art.” And active in his local Baptist church to boot.

(A Google search of “Christian online dating” yields more than 200,000 results—not all are actual matchmakers, but the sheer variety of services out in cyberspace can be daunting.) Degrees of specialty are becoming ever finer, as site names suggest: Single Parents, Farmers, Date My

The top religious personals site is reportedly for Jewish singles.

“I was looking for someone strong in their faith, but not so rigid that they were intolerant of others,” she recalls. He was an artist who had fought in Vietnam and worked on Wall Street.