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--- Also added config option while.to control how time progresses for players on a server - Added hunger_count (total amount of hunger restored by the eaten food [or food group] in the current food history) and saturation_count (total amount of saturation restored by the eaten food [or food group] in the current food history) variables to food.modifier.formula config option - Added client-side config option left.click.containers to enable opening food containers when left clicking the air (defaulted to false) - Fixed food container dupe bug - Fixed blacklist food groups getting diminished (note: foods in a blacklist food group will still count towards the food history, but they will not diminish) - Fixed food containers interacting with inventories that players can't interact with (for example, MFR conveyors) - Updated Eval Ex expression parser to latest - Updated Chinese localization (thanks @crafteverywhere) v1.2.3 (December 29, 2014) - Fixed incompatibility with the Enviromine food rotting mechanic (NBT tags are now ignored when calculating food eaten counts) - Fixed "hunger.values" config option not doing anything - Fixed a crash caused by a fake player eating food (or something like that) - Added Korean localization (thanks puyo061) v1.2.2 (October 10, 2014) - Made nutritional value affect food eating speed (1.7.10 only) --- Added config options: food.eating.speed.modifier (defaulted to 1), food.eating.(defaulted to 0 [no limit]) --- Note that this could be used as a complete replacement for food value modification if you so desired, as modifying the time it takes to eat food can have similar results as modifying the food values themselves (making foods effectively inedible) - Fixed a major client-side desync of food history in specific circumstances (thanks to Empour for figuring out how to reproduce this bug) --- If food.history.length was = new.eaten.threshold, clear.history.eaten.threshold.reached was true, and a player's food history had more than new.eaten.threshold foods in it, the client would incorrectly reset the food history while it was being populated with the server's values.

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See - Added "color" property to food group json format (draws the food group name in the specified color in tooltips, etc) - Added formula variable food_group_count : The number of food groups that the food belongs to - Added formula variable distinct_food_groups_eaten : The number of distinct food groups in the player's current food history - Added formula variable total_food_groups : The total number of enabled food groups - Added more info to the food journal --- Replaced page numbers with the count of total foods in the history and which food numbers are visible --- Added tooltip to each food in the food journal showing how long ago the food was eaten and what needs to happen for it to expire from the food history - Fixed errors when dumping food container contents into certain inventories - Updated Eval Ex expression parser to latest v1.2.4 (August 7, 2015) - Added config option history.length --- If true, the food history will use time (in Minecraft days) instead of number of foods eaten for its maximum length.

For example, a length of 12 will store all foods eaten in the last 12 Minecraft days.

Server-side (or in a single player world), the 'food.modifier.enabled' config setting can be set to false to disable the diminishing returns part of the mod.

Want the mod to behave differently than is currently possible?

Spice of Life has been great at making me actually USE the things, but I apparently need a bigger kick in the pants.