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I think people should watch it ‘coz a lot of effort has gone behind it.

However, Aaradhya and I both have a very positive outlook. Ragini is like my mentor and my support in the family. I know if I ever have any problems, she’ll be there to guide me. No, I don’t think we really need it, without that we have a lot to show on daily soaps. I think TV is changing, maybe slowly and steadily, but it’s changing for sure.

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According to my point of view, everything is good and nice, there is nothing bad. You’ve been doing these sweet and cute roles for long; would you be open to experiment with a negative or shaded character? Actually, during my show , there was a moment when I was this sugary sweet, shy, cute and always right kinda person; in real life also I am very similar. Plus, I am not exactly gung ho about showing my bare body on TV. Shows like is set to end soon and there is gossip circulating in the media about a one month extension. I got this news from other reporters and my actor friends from the industry.

Like in the show, I am a princess in my house and the centre of my parents’ world. He’s dark and scary from Aaradhya’s point of view and a little . Suddenly I felt that my life is becoming very monotonous. But frankly speaking, I still haven’t got any intimation about the show ending from my producer or director.

But maybe the production house and the channel thought it was best to move ahead and concentrate on the romance now, so they didn’t stretch Aaradhya’s anger for too long. Then yesterday Urvashi ma’am and I were posing in front of the mirror and taking pictures.

But am sure that whatever steps they’ve taken are for the betterment of the show. So I feel my relationship with Aaradhya has gone a little haywire. It feels as though the show has already ended and it’s gone. I love each and everyone on the show from my co-actors to all the directors who’ve come on the show to the light and spot . When we are not shooting, we are either playing UNO cards or settling in one room to have some fun.

But based on the research done by Shashi and Sumeet Productions and the channel, we have constantly been changing our track to the preference of the audience.