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However, the generally accepted meaning is 'the stone house by the mere or marsh', though in early times the word soet or saete meant dwellers, so the origin of the name was 'dwelling of the people of the marsh'.

The suffix of ham means home, so a hamlet was a 'little home'.

Finally they were met and defeated at Farnham by the army of King Alfred's son, Edward, later Edward the Elder.

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Then, by common consent, the Mearsoeti set aside the best and driest site for the building, the knoll to the north east of the village where St. From then very little is known of the area until when, in AD893, two armies of Danes invaded Saxon territory in the south of England.

They fought their way through Hampshire, Berkshire and into Surrey.

"Armed police are surrounding his house and the helicopter has been flying over since 6.30am." A woman in her 40s was arrested inside the property on suspicion of drugs offences, while a man in his 20s and another in his late teens were arrested for obstructing police.

Several suspected guns were recovered but the armed man was not found after a stand-off with police that lasted 10 hours in the belief he remained inside.

In the succeeding decade the y was dropped, subsequent names being 'Mersham' and 'Mestham', until 'Mearstham' and 'Maestham' appeared in the eighteenth century.


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