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“Drake is trying to be all smooth, but he’s failing because Rihanna doesn’t want him.” In Drake’s defense, Rihanna seemed to be fond of the billboard Drake put up for her.She posted it on Instagram the day before she received the Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Award Sunday.

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While Hiddleswift may have dominated headlines with their recent summer romance, we have our eye on another famous pairing: Drake and Rihanna.

After releasing two hit duets earlier this year, Drizzy and Ri Ri have been spotted out on the town in Europe, and, of course, dancing together onstage during several of major awards shows.

Additionally, Rihanna remembered her experiences with Chris Brown being his boyfriend few years ago.

She tagged the relationship as a real mistake and said that she is not interested with what Chris Brown is doing today.

When asked about whether or not she was dating Drake, she laughs it off as rumors and says they’re just friends.