Restart google chrome to finish updating

restart google chrome to finish updating-14

For the “Time”, click the box, hover your mouse over each part of the time (hour, minutes, and AM/PM) and scroll through the options until you reach what you want.

There should also be a “Restart Now” link you can click to restart the machine now to finish the updates immediately.

Current App Users: This widget has different permissions than our prior release, and you will need to uncheck and check the "Enabled" box for the extension in chrome://extensions and select "Update Extensions Now" on the top-right, as shown below. If a contact exists in Nimble, we will show you the data fields that differ. You can add any contact by highlighting text with the widget open in "Magnifier" mode. Open the app and hover over a contact's email (in Gmail), their Twitter, or Facebook profile, or highlight their name to look up their record.

The Nimble Smart Contacts App is enhanced to work on Twitter, Facebook, Angel List, Crunch Base, Google , Hootsuite, Salesforce, Foursquare, Click on the Nimble button on the browser toolbar, and we will automatically show that contact's "Live Profile" or bring up their existing Nimble profile. Multiple look-ups with our "Nimble Magnifier" feature 1.

All available without needing to create a contact record in Nimble.