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Couples were also interviewed by the researchers to determine what their stressful life events were.An is a psychological term for how we relate to our significant other on three psychological dimensions — relationship closeness, anxiety, and dependence.The result: they will likely do the same and help you more with the daily chores.

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Let them know you are also working hard to achieve your goals and complete your to-do list.

If one day you are too tired to clean the house, get a good night’s sleep and plan to try again the next day. Many relationships break down from too many negative emotions, excessive criticism and the tendency to blame the partner for your own weakness.

Fibromyalgia can impact your relationship in so many ways.

The pain and fatigue may not allow you to socialize or spend quality time with your loved one because you may need more rest and desire to be alone.

Your partner may get frustrated or disappointed, and in time they may even develop anger or resentment.