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Others are positive indicators that you are becoming involved with an abuser.

The more “yes” answers, the more likely it is that you are dating an abuser.

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A new mate that is very secretive about their past or often hesitate to talk about their past when asked is most likely hiding something such as a marriage or past criminal history. A date that prioritizes their mother over their significant other and still lets their mothers run their lives is most likely insecure and certainly are not ready for a long-term relationship. A date that tells you that they are busy all the time and can never seem to find time to be with you.


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    Warren observed a set of characteristics that seemed to be present in all successful relationships. After extensive research involving thousands of married couples, Dr.

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    You might get into a relationship with someone who loves Jesus, meets the values you have in a future spouse, and is compatible with you. Just end the relationship, and continue to seek the Lord. Again, please don’t be a freakish weirdo and give Christians a negative label. My wife loves the Lord, and I can say with all certainty I wouldn’t be following Jesus without her. It’s dangerous riding on the road to marriage without an idea of where you are going. Don’t sit someone down on the first date and interview them to make sure they meet all of the qualities.

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