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I'm so tired of mothers of bi and multiracial children speaking on behalf of their children.There are so many biracial people (adults) who can address the topic.

No mention of the actual racial realities of mixed folk.

In my book at least half of the multiracial children represented (mostly under age six) had already been racialized as people of color and faced discrimination often within the home by white family members.

After mulling on the subject for about ten paragraphs, she concludes with a seeming liberatory message on behalf of her children: "..truth is, I can't tell my sons what to feel... And other than quickly citing the work of Kip Fulbeck she cites no work by other multiracials when at this point there is a growing canon of rich, deep stuff.

I can only tell them what I think about my own identity and listen hard to what they have to tell me in turn." Sounds innocent enough, yes? Consequently this piece then ends up centering her speculations as a single raced person upon the meaning of multiraciality in America. It's telling that the following exhausted response by a mixed person is buried in the comment section: ...

Grant and Walker, who work in the Times’ advertising division, claim that the problems began with the 2012 appointment of CEO Mark Thompson, also named as a defendant.