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The filter knob kind of goes from perfect at noon to muffled to the right and a much better treble boost going to the left.

I adjusted from his values and settled on changing from a 1k5/3n3 rc filter to a 2k2/4n7 you get about 140hz more lows(a big deal and almost 175hz less than Orman’s mod so less woof) and lose almost 17,000hz of noise-inducing upper frequencies outside the guitar range.

The RAT has a reputation of inconsistency between individual pedals.

I have played some RATs that sound terrific and I wouldn’t want to change at all, but I have also played some RATs that I would never plug in again.

I recently purchased a new in box Rat 2 from Guitar Center like so many of you out there. Great for them, bad for me on a Sunday when I NEED THIS NOW.