Online dating scams benin

Then the bank or attorney will tell you that there are fees associated with all of this work, but that they will send you the millions within hours of receiving the fees.

Usually, these scammers will pretend to be a banker, auditor, business partner or even a lawyer that has a dead client who left millions of dollars in a bank account somewhere.

Most of the time the initial email will tell you something along the lines of them having an ATM card in your name, or there is a Western Union or Moneygram payment waiting for you in your name.

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If during the scam you start to waiver or doubt the scammers, or if there's problems sending them money or something comes up then they can become aggressive and at times I have even seen them become abusive. These are just a couple of the more prevalent frauds out there on the internet right now.

They start off nice (sort of) as if they can charm you, but if they're not getting their way they will try to intimidate or even scare you into complying. They will not follow through on their threats since they are more likely in Africa and do not have the means to follow through on their threats. In this scam, the scammer will play that they are a widow of someone who had a lot of money (many times their husband was famous, such as the email I got from Suha Arafat) and now they themselves are dying and they want to share their money with you.

Then you will be required to send them money for fees or what not before they can give you the millions of dollars.

They may even show you news articles of an airplane crash or seized money to make their story believable.

Then, just like in all the other cases, you will be asked to pay fees for documents before they can send you the money.