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Kinks frontman Ray Davies, comic Ken Dodd and actor Tim Piggott-Smith were also given honours in a list in which the world of showbusiness featured prominently. The entertainer (pictured), from Liverpool, said that the prestige of receiving the honour was worth the wait and that he had been 'highly tickled' by the recognition.

It comes months after the comedian - known for his wild hair, protruding teeth and tickling sticks - joked about how he spent years waiting for a letter that never came.

But Lloyds said all personal costs were paid out of his pocket and he was cleared in a probe.

Princess Diana and George Michael held true superstar status and it was this empathy for how crazy their lives were that drew them to one another as friends, says her former chef Darren Mc Grady. Kenny Goss's split from the late singer was revealed in 2011.

It holds what is thought to be the largest American collection of British contemporary art including this poignant work by Tracey Emin (top right).