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The first of these were the Akkadians centered around their city of Akkad. Here are some dates in Mesopotamian history from this point on. For Hermes we should understand a reference to Hellenistic Egyptian sources.

We do not expect everyone to accept the views presented in this paper, but the readers should be aware that these views are close to those shared by the majority of responsible scholars in the history of astrology. Van der Waerden argues that the evolution of astrology went through three phases. He maintained almost alone that Egypt had been the birthplace of horoscopic astrology.

(No, I am not calling all who disagree with these views irresponsible, although no doubt some may be.) Having been involved in a comprehensive program of translating ancient texts on astrology into modern English, continuing this work with ARHAT, I therefore believe that I have some idea of what I am talking about even while recognizing that Western scholarship may have to change its views (and I mine) based on what further research brings forth. The first phase consists of the omen lore that we have already described. The trouble with his theory however is that he believed that horoscopic astrology came into being in the Egypt of the pharaohs.

But first someone has to bring the two disciplines together.

The work of Gerald Hawkins on Stonehenge comes to mind.

Almost every ancient people had some system of examining the heavens for divinatory purposes. This is also notable as the first time that Egypt and Babylon were under the same regime. The ancients clearly knew that astrology had something to do with Babylon (after all they did call astrologers Chaldeans) but the principle credit was given to the Egyptians.