Joining accommodating unbalancing tracking and boundary making

Changing the organization of the family leads to change in the individual members.

The systems perspective views the family as a self-regulating system held together by unspoken rules to maintain itself.

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People who are healing from toxic love relationships do well to educate themselves on the nature of the emotional abuse sustained so that they can move through their pain to a place of healing.

In my individual work with people who have uncovered that they were involved in a romantic relationship with a person with narcissistic qualities, one of the first things we do in psychotherapy is to work together to understand the psychology behind narcissistic abuse recovery.

Cognitive dissonance is diffused and reduced when the survivor of narcissistic abuse is able to receive validation and confirmation of the reality of his or her circumstances.

Narrating the story can take place verbally in psychotherapy sessions and/or via the use of journaling exercises.

However, when I work with people who are leaving toxic relationships, it helps to understand the nature of the emotional abuse in order to fully conceptualize and process their reality of the experience.