Jerry maguire quotes dating single mom

In the midst of a sleepless night, Jerry writes a memo calling on himself and his colleagues to think more about the long-term welfare of the clients they represent and less about immediate profits.

While everyone around him applauds the sentiment, Jerry's superiors think his ideas are bad for business; Jerry is fired, and, rather than standing in solidarity with him, his "friends" in the firm scramble like sharks to claim Jerry's clients.

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He was deeply in debt and seeking a rich bride to solve his financial problems.

As soon as Lydia’s eyes fell on him she singled him out as an object to be attained at any cost.

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Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is an agent with a major sports management firm.

Jerry Maguire This movie depicts the unlikely romance between a high flying, high energy sports agent Jerry and a shy, homely accountant Dorothy.