Fake profiles on dating websites Sexyfree online sex chat

While that might sound obvious, what we mean is be aware of whether it is a major online dating site, like Match.com, or a newer, less popular site.

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In other instances, someone may create a fake profile in order to post derogatory comments about another individual, anonymously, which is totally against the terms of service of any social networking site and should never be done.

Site has a very good article about fake social networking profiles and the reasons why they might exist.

Just a few years ago, didn't even exist, but we bet you remember all of the television commercials from this new online dating site and the next thing you know, it is one of the largest internet personals sites around and a major player in the online dating space. Seeding and Weeding Smaller dating sites just don't have the advertising budget so some unscrupulous sites create hundreds of fake profiles to 'populate their database' with members in order to encourage new, real members to join.

In fact some sites, once real members begin to join, begin to weed out the phony profiles.

#3 - Take a Close Look at the Photos - Similar to number 2 where we advised you to be aware if the profiles sounded too good to be true, the third way to spot a fake online dating profile is if the photos look too good to be true.