Dna dating match

The online services are based on the theory that people are attracted to partners who have different immune systems than their own.

It is believed that this is a function of evolution with babies bred from parents with different immune systems having a wider variety of immune system genes, and therefore, more robust immune systems.

You're then free to get in touch and hopefully hit things off and arrange to meet.sense2love is relaunching soon so no pricing is available for their service as yet, but it has partnered with Swiss company Gene Partner.com, so the pricing of the two is likely to be similar.

Instead of analyzing DNA and providing a list of potential partners, the Gnere Partner system is designed to determine the level of genetic compatibility of a person you are already interested in.

The site backs up their claims with a list of peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals.

The site also claims the system should work for gay and straight couples, but it won’t work for women who are taking birth control pills.

After rubbing the inside of your mouth with the swabs you send them back in a pre-addressed envelope with a customer number being the only link to your identity.