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Article by Stephen Hartke from Urbana, IL, written in 2006. Twentyfour examples of text face/math typeface are showcased. Here are the better ones (with some text quoted from Hartke's article): Recent additions to Unicode include a number of math symbols.

He surveys free math fonts for Te X and La Te X, with examples, instructions for using La Te X packages for changing fonts, and links to sources for the fonts and packages. Hartke is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These were the result of efforts by STIX, a consortium of scientific and technical publishers.

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8 Regular (2009, an extension of Laurier towards Japanese), Clucky Duck (2008, rounded), and the double-scratch handwriting typeface Wild Freak (2008). [ UCSD's Ralph Smith developed METAFONT sources for fonts of uppercase script letters for use as symbols in scientific and mathematical typesetting.

[ Production First Software offers original, revival and historic designs and specializing in non-latin scripts including Armenian, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, mathematical symbols and pi characters. Fiscella in San Francisco since 1990, with most typefaces created immediately after that. Fiscella designed the fonts for symbols and many of the alphabetic scripts for the unicode charts and all typefaces complky with unicode standards. List of typefaces: Bernal PF, Blck2Line Gothic PF Logo, Blck3Line Gothic PF Logo, Blck4Line Gothic PF Logo, Cour PF, Cour PF Bold, Cour PF Bold Oblique, Cour PF Oblique, Edwardian Manse PFTitling, Erie PF, Euro PF-Bold, Euro PF-Bold Oblique, Fifties Pop PF, Grand Victorian PFTitling, Hlv PF Bold, Hlv PF Bold Oblique, Hlv PF Medium, Hlv PF Oblique, Italianate PF, Italianate Multicolor1PF, Italianate Multicolor2PF, Italianate Multicolor3PF, Italianate Sans PF, Lafayette PF, Los PFBold, Mision PFAntique, Mision PFBold, Mision PFBook, Mision PFBook Metal, Mision PFLight, Mision PFTitling, Palou PFTitling, Piazza PFScript, Radio PF, Radio City PF, Symbol PF Bold, Symbol PF Bold Italic, Symbol PF Italic, Tex Mex PF, Tms PF Bold, Tms PF Bold Italic, Tms PF Cursive, Tms PF Italic, Tms PF Rom , Tms Math PF Cursive, Tms Heb Wide PF Rom, Unv PF Bold, Unv PF Bold Oblique, Unv PF Oblique, Unv PF Medium, Uview PF Bold, Uview PF Bold Oblique, Uview PF Oblique, Uview PF Medium, Zenon PFTitling. His glyphs are based on the so-called Spencerian or Copperplate hand lettering which prevailed in the eighteenth century. [ Original display and special occasion fonts by Joe Hoffman and Joel Miller at Sceno Grafica, all designed from 1995-1997, such as Angelou, Autumn, Babys Blocks, Bastille Day, Bugs, Buonarroti, Cakeand Candles, Candy Canes, Captain Smith, Chaucer, Chinese New Year, Christmas Day, Cityscape, Clemens, Columbus Day, Coward, Dante, Dayofthe Dead, Dinosaurs, Easter, Einstein, Fathers Day, Faulkner, Fermi, Fiesta, Fitzgerald, Foster, Halloween, Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Headliner, Heartsand Flowers, Heller, Holly Time, Jefferson, Keller (sign language face), Kwanzaa, MPrimary Lined, MPrimary Trainer Lined, MPrimary Lined, MPrimary Trainer Lined, Melville, Michener, Modern Cursive Trainer Lined, Modern Cursive Trainer, Modern Cursive, Modern Cursive Lined, Modern Cursive, Modern Cursive Lined, Modern Cursive Trainer Lined, Mothers Day, OCasey, Old Glory, Orwell, Paine, Party, Picnic, Pinter, Pow Wow, Punkin Patch, Quilt, Rainforest, Rand, Rosh Hashanah, Saint Paddy, Sampler, Scott, Shaw, Simon, Snowcap, Sousa, Spenser, Spring Time, St Nicholas (letters in the shape of cozy snowy houses, 1995), Star Spangled, Stockings, Summer Beach, Tarkington, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving II, Valentine, Valentine1, Waugh, Whitman, Willson, Winter Wonderland, Winthrop, Wright, Zola.

This is used in the ANACOM project in which tilings and patterns are described in a simple mathematical manner. The music font of that set became PT Nota 1 (Vladimir Yefimov at Polyraphmash, 1987). Designer in 1991-2001 of the font Feyn (metafont), which can be used to produce relatively simple Feynman diagrams within equations in a La Te X document.

The idea is fill position (x, y) of a 2d grid with character/glyph f(x, y) where f is any function. From 1986 until 2002, he developed the Paratype Parangon family, available in Latin and Cyrillic versions from URW. He writes: The other Feynman diagram package which exists is Thorsten Ohl's feynmf/feynmp package.

At ATyp I 2004 in Prague, Richard spoke about Vojtech Preissig. [ Diego Puga from the University of Toronto offers a set of five math fonts (type 1) suitable for typesetting math in combination with the Palatino family of text fonts. The La Te X macro package defines the Palatino family as the default roman font and uses the virtual mathpazo fonts, built around the Pazo Math family, for typesetting math in a style that suits Palatino.