Dating partners with children

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Try a walk on the beach, a walk in the country, visit a favourite playground, go kite flying, swimming or paddling in water, a movie, or easiest of all a picnic. Mentally note some favourite outdoor games that everyone can join in like “Cross over Red Rover”, “Hide and Seek”, “Egg race”, “Giants Treasure”. Even if you don’t think you are suited as life partners, if the games are really fun and the children get on well, you may make a good friend with whom you can have fun with both lots of children.

At Le au we know of a couple who took their children out on a Play Date and the children fought. Another important FREE dating tip: Be careful not to let the children know it’s a date and don’t be affectionate or do any ‘flirting or dating talk’ in front of the children and if he/she wants to flirt stop it in its tracks.

A good FREE dating tip: Especially during school holidays, it’s a great way to discover what sort of parent he/she is and also it is a quick way of learning whether you would like to be involved with a person who has children like his/hers. Do not do excursions that cost money like entertainment fairs or pricey restaurants.

If he/she has money and you don’t or vice versa, it can be awkward.

Dating and new relationships can be complicated, but appropriately integrating children into a new relationship is even more of a challenge. From what I have observed, most people introduce the children to their dating partners far too soon after the new relationship begins.


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