Dating old chinese coins

The Manchu mint name translates to Pao-Ch'uan, or "The Fountain head of the Currency".

These come in two sized with the smaller about 20 mm, and the larger about 24 mm.small F .00 VF .00large F .50 VF .00 There are to many combinations of mint marks, demonminations, sizes, etc, to even begin to include them all on this site, so we have only provided the selection above to show how the denominations are indicated via the top and bottom character on the reverse.

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By 1625 Nurhachu has gained enough territory to need a capital, which he established at Mukden, but he died only a year later which brought his son Abahay (also known as T'ai Tsung) to the throne.

Abahay changed the Dynastic name to Ch'ing in 1638 and on his death in 1644 his nine year old son Shih Tsu (know as Shun Chih) came to the throne.

The size of these coins vary significantly from coin to coin.

Please note that we are currently up grading this section, and for those coins for which we indicated "value not yet determined", they are not necessarily scarce and we will be adding the values in the not too distant future (a few of them are rare).

These coins, which are commonly called "Lohan Coins" differ in the way the bottom characher "K'ang" is drawn without the upright at the left.


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