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To this you may add an outboard well, or a sailing rig, or both, or neither.Sailing rig and outboard well are modular units that may be added at any time, even long after construction of the hull is complete.In 2014 we shipped our 500th Northeaster Dory design.

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From the start, Harris anticipated that many Southwester Dories would be built solely for use as a motor launch.

The easily-driven dory hull, with a narrow waterline and fine ends, is suited to small outboards or electric motors.

Assuming the hatches stay in place, the storage compartments contribute another 790 pounds of flotation. Builders may assemble their dream configuration by mixing and matching three kit packages.

Everyone starts with the "base" kit, which includes everything you need to make a rowing boat, basically.

They also make great comfortable seats---no sitting on the floor!


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