dating mtv next show - Dating for four months anniversary

The earliest reference we found comes from a letter written in 1805 by Sir James Mackintosh: “I always observe its in my fancy.” And we found other passing references to the word in books and journals from nearly every decade since then.

So the word was available if lexicographers had wanted to make it “official.” But it appears that even some of those adventurous writers who used “mensiversary” thought they were making it up.

As for “mensiversary,” from the Latin (month), it does indeed exist, barely, but not many people would recognize it as the monthly version of “anniversary.” “Mensiversary” does show up in some Internet dictionaries—that is, in collections of words proposed and defined by Internet users—and a Google search fetches up about 13,000 hits.

But it doesn’t appear in either the or, as far as we can tell, any standard dictionaries.

Don’t think “mensiversary” hasn’t had its chances, though.