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In the end, the authors got their liberty and their rights and the third album of the cycle finally came out in 2005, eight years after the previous one, through a different publishing house, Vents d'Ouest.

In an interview in the "Dare-Dare" program of Radio Suisse Romande (available on their Web site) and an interview on the site on the occasion of the February 2007 launch of "Les couleurs de Marcade" the most recent album in the "Cycle de Cyann" series, François Bourgeon revealed the nature of the collaboration between him and Claude Lacroix.

On April 27, 2004 an appeals court finally overturned the judgment of the previous court.

In the meantime these litigations had become a "cause célèbre" in France, because of the intellectual freedom questions and copyright issues they raised in literary circles.

For example, when working on The Passengers of the Wind, he did a vast amount of background reading, consulted academic specialists and visited the Maritime Museum in Nantes.