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The hardest aspect of minimising the debt in your life using debt consolidation is changing one’s mindset to move away from the financial hardship of yesteryear.I am a firm supporter of cutting up credit cards and living life on a cash-only diet.Just like buying more groceries when shopping whilst hungry, statistics have shown that consumers tend to spend more on their credit cards than if they had cash.

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It might start with a credit card or a car loan or you might even take out a small personal loan for a holiday.

Eventually you may apply for a home loan to purchase your first home, and soon you're juggling repayments on a few different credit accounts.

Unfortunately John was struck by a sudden illness which forced him to take six months off from work for treatment and recovery.

During these six months he had no income coming in, and John and his wife Claire were forced to pay for their living expenses using their credit cards.

Will it help you manage your repayments or force your debts to spiral out of control?


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