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Monitored services are determined by values stored in / etc/chkserv.d/Linux Mailing List Mailman Error "Bug in Mailman version 2.1.11.cp3" Mysql MYSQL Fails to start (error) Os Version PHP PHPMy Admin Plesk Plesk Error Logs location Plesk Linux Plesk Upgrade Receving emails syslogd failed Setting up the default index page Squirrelmail Virtuozzo Webmail Webmin YUM Zombie process Cpanel Important directories.

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Notable Variables in /etc/stats.conf: – BLACKHOURS: Comma separated list of numeric values, which specify hours that logs may not be parsed.

Other notable /var/cpanel directories ——————————– ? LOGS – This directory contains logs from account copies/transfers.

UPDATELOGS – Contains the output of each c Panel update executed on the server.

MAINIPS – Named after the respective reseller users they represent, each contains only the IP address which should be used as that resellersmain shared ip ?

Variables are line delimited, with variables separated by an equal sign ?