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But if you’ve ever wanted to tell a terrifying story in which Patrick Rothfuss traps Neil Gaiman on a train just in time for them both to be murdered by The Doubleclicks and Anne Wheaton, help make this Gloom set a reality!Jenna Busch is a host and writer for all things geeky. I said no, but my sister once tricked me into drinking weasel vomit coffee.

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We only did a limited run on it, so no promises that they’ll have it at any particular ITD event… So if you missed Table Top Gloom last year, look for a ITD event near you.

One of the highlights of the party was playing the game with Meghan Camarena – better known as Strawburry17 – her brother David, and my friend Satine Phoenix.

She works with numerous publications and companies interviewing celebrities and reviewing movies, TV, games and comics. I just wrote my first two comics for Womanthology and doing a project with Stan ‘The Man’ Lee. You can follow me on Twitter @Jenna Busch for details.

She recently was seen on Felicia Day’s new you tube channel show, Tabletop, hosted by Wil Wheaton.

He asked me to review the film “The Bucket List,” and it was off from there. I do a ton of research, but I really like it to be more of a chat between friends. I spent a lot of time on stage and I moderate panels all the time. Jenna: I played Eva Peron in Evita in three theaters for almost a year. He told me once that the definition of evil was wrapping a cat in a dishtowel and calling it the baby Jesus.