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## Centreon 2.2-RC2 fix: problem with search in service template fix: problem with search in host template fix: remove debug in centstorage fix: bug #2169 fix: problem with ACL menu configuration - some menu were not displayed fix: problem with graph size for status fix: problem with nagios Perf Trace when a poller is disabled fix: problem with host downtime fix: bug #2123 fix: improve reactivity time for status counter fix: fix problem with external command in centcore when this command us keywords fix: fix a submit button bug for chrome fix: fix problem on downtime delete fix: remove #S# and #BS# fix: special chars in LDAP connection system fix: problem with declaration function in cent Trap Handler For Poller fix: problem with upgrade of config generation engine ## Centreon 2.2 New Features Multi Engines (Nagios, Icinga, Shinken) Possibility to use multiple event broker modules New command service configuration interface with argument descriptions New search fields in Monitoring Services pages (search by host, service, plugin output) Shortcut link from host configuration page to service configuration page Icons in all service, host, host template and service template configuration pages New trap management system which includes status detection rules Possibility to set ACL groups directly from contact form Possibility to directly link ACL groups to ACL resources, menus and actions.

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id=153 sudo tar -xzf centreon-2.2.0gz cd centreon-2.1.9 cp www/install/sql/centreon/Update-DB-2.2.0-RC2.sql_to_2.2.0www/install/sql/centreon/Update-DB-2.2.0-RC2_to_2.2.0sudo ./-u /etc/centreon After accepting the license, simply answer yes to all the questions you’ll see.

When finished, connect to the web interface and follow the “NEXT, NEXT, NEXT” steps fo finishing the database upgrade process. If you are using syslog module, you’ll have to upgrade it as only 1.4.1 works with Centreon 2.2.0 After finishing the install, go to your web interface and upgrade your syslog module. Here are the changes since 2.1.10: ## Centreon 2.1.11 fix: Remove problem with regexp in Centcore when matching command name fix: Improve réactivity of pollrrs Top Counter status fix: fix typo error in about fix: Problem with cache refresh for LDAP auth fix: During service duplication, contact wasn’t duplicated fix: problem with config files generation for escalades enhancement: Improve rebuild engine for logs fix: remove infinite loop in service configuration page fix: improve loading hostgroups and hosts cfg files ## Centreon 2.1.12 Fix: problem edition of SNMP traps Fix: problem ACL set up for hidden menus ## Centreon 2.1.13 Fix: problem with update of LDAP cache Fix: module cannot generate configuration for pollers.

3) How to monitor a network device's (switch or router) interface bandwidth traffic usage using centreon? Installation steps for Centreon, etc., 5) Centreon vs nagios, Which is better?

This is basically a Centreon tutorial page for beginners.

When set, resources will be filtered feature: command arguments can have their descriptions.


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