start dating after broken heart - Belkin routers keeps updating dns

Thanks, Doug Didnt work 4 me I tried it twice and I'm still offline. I have reset the adapter, updated the adapter, and the only thing that works is resetting the modem and the router.

My pc will show the connections available a ND when it let's me connect to them it just says no Internet,secured. HOWEVER, if the laptop is shut down and then started up again, once again cannot connect.

If 2016 wasn't tumultuous enough for you - the world's largest storage company sold itself to Dell - you ain't seen nothin' yet.

The pace of change in the storage industry is accelerating - and that's good for us.

I'm on Win 7 - spent ages trying to find a solution to this problem. Finally, I discovered that it the wireless adapter has power settings. However, at work the laptop will not connect to our wireless. I have tried resetting the tcp/ip stack, updating the wifi driver, rolling back the wifi driver, etc. I will be watching this thread closely as it describes my exact problem. Two days ago, started having issues with the laptop not connecting.


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