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Cheryl is immediately attracted to him and begins pursuing him. Around this time, Darren is released from Juvenile Detention and comes to stay with Cheryl, who is renting Number 22 Ramsay Street.

Darren convinces her he has turned over a new leaf, but little does Cheryl know he is using his release to drag his cellmate Michael Martin's (Troy Beckwith) sister, Debbie (Marnie Reece-Wilmore) into a life of crime.

Cheryl struggles to adjust to the new woman in his life and almost ends her relationship with Lou. Cheryl's next biggest challenge is her clash with Brett over his plans to go sailing around the world after finishing Year 12.

This culminates in Brett having an affair with one of Cheryl's friends Judy Bergman (Merridy Eastman).

Darren's scheme is eventually foiled and he is jailed, prompting Cheryl to wash her hands of him.