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A notorious baker and cook, her famous cheese balls can be bought at Gourmet Garage and her cupcakes at Joe Coffee in New York City. Sample chapters include: A Greek Dinner Date; Grieving; Entertaining Children; A Rich Uncle Comes to Visit; Baby Shower; The Elderly; Cooking for Oneself; Picnic; and a variety of courtships, such as dating a hunter, a dieter, or an alcoholic.All chapters contain tips, hits and misses, and end with a critical evaluation of the event or a letter from a guest.

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In Fall 2003, she started an amateur craft club called The Crafty Beavers.

She's the club president and they meet on a weekly basis.

When she adopted her first rabbit, Tattletail, Amy told her that she needed to get a job to earn her share... She created a catering company, selling cupcakes and cheeseballs, called Tattletail Industries.

The money went into a jar to pay for the rabbit's care.

When she woke up the next day, her computer was "mysteriously" broken.