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1948 it is transferred from the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana, and was surpassed in the 1950s only by the "Grand Ole Opry" in popularity.

The epithet of Hayrides is "Cradle Of The Stars" because the show was known for many musicians as a springboard to a career and for his musical innovation. It had a large balcony that curved around on either side of the stage, and giving the room a natural echo.

At the Louisiana Hayride new artists and new musical innovations were welcome - in a way which never pulled the strictly traditional Grand Ole Opry into consideration.

While the Opry very rarely, if ever, an artist who had taken no hit, did occur, the Hayride did the opposite and let aspiring performers, so that they could find an audience. James Mattis, another discjockey at the station, founded Duke Records of Houston, on which Johnny Ace and Bobby "Blue" Bland recorded.

The artists were: Little Junior Parker, Earl Malone, B. King, Bobby "Blue" Bland, and Elvis appeared in publicity poses.