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Surely your hard work deserves every chance possible to be seen, read and appreciated, no? Now, look at your keyword list for applicable words to focus. Since people who searched for your keywords will see the description in the listings, put the description in a call to action where possible. Always make sure to use headings (use H2 or lower, as, in most Word Press installations, your title is an H1), rather than adjusting the font size and making the text bold. This not only provides a better navigation experience for visitors, it also allows you to later link to an entire category of blog posts on, say a guest blog post.

We use Word Press with the “Word Press SEO by Yoast” and “Zemanta” plugins. Once a haven for keyword-stuffing black hat SEO practitioners, the Keywords tag is ignored by Google. may still use this tag, so it doesn’t hurt to include your keywords here. Use your keywords naturally – 1 to 2 times on the page. The plugin Zemanta makes this easy – scanning your blog post and suggesting articles you can add to a “related posts” section at the end of the article (see below). As co-owner and chief inbound marketing consultant at Scalable Social Media, Alisa Meredith spends a lot of time keeping up with online marketing trends for the benefit of our customers.

Dan pastinya isteri dan orang tersayang minta saya segera ditanamkan apabila Roh meninggalkan Jasad!

Jangan tipu duit orang itu penting bagi semua usahawan. Gaji pekerja jangan tak bayar.akan marah bahagian finance saya jika gaji salah bayar atau terkurang. Sentiasa `rasa` kaya walaupun masa pakai kereta honda accord tahun 1981 JAH 78 masa pakai saga... Rasa kaya itu penting sebab itulah nikmat kesyukuran terbaik yang ada pada masa itu dan sekarang. Jangan lihat orang yang kat atas…tetapi perlu bercita~cita seperti orang diatas. Selalu ingat mati…ingat mati dan bayangkan diri ini masuk kubur tak bawak apa2.

Suzy has spent the last few months making bookmarks for patients on hospice care, and their families.