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CEDAR CITY, Utah -- The Utah Highway Patrol has released dash camera video that shows just close a trooper came to getting hit in a rollover accident in Cedar City.

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From there she was flown to Dixie Regional Hospital in St.

George with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Baie said unfortunately it’s not the first time she’s had a near miss while on a traffic stop.

He said traffickers could be disguised as a family or even a group of friends traveling across the country."There's a variety of different cases. "P, Daddy, Boyfriend, those are the more common ones you're going to hear."Salas said lots of the girls won't have identification on them, making it difficult to get an accurate name or birthday."The number one thing that we would like officers to do, if they see a child that maybe looks unkempt or un-cared for, and they are under 18, we want them to run that child through our local dispatch to make sure they're not wanted, missing or a runaway."Troopers are told if they see a scenario similar to this, they should somehow separate the adults from the child and try to conduct an interview to help clarify questions or concerns."These children are not going to approach you.

You may have children that are being exploited or maybe pimped out that are being transported from let's say Denver, Colorado to Las Vegas and traveling through our state. They're not walking into the police station and asking for help," Salas said.

Trooper Bambi Baie stopped a car on Interstate 15 near mile post 72 at about 5 p.m.