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Congratulations- this is your Get Out Of Jail Free card.Simulate oral sex on an object of your partner's choice. The number you get is the number of ice cubes you must put in your underwear. Your next meal must be eaten without using your hands. " Friedrich Nietzsche No woman, it is said, knows truly what she is until she has worn the collar John Norman, Raiders of Gor Initiative whores - most ask for punishment to look forward to a man, to be a continuation of his motion, momentum, thoughts.We have used the search engine and found a fair amount of forfeits but we need more All ideas are helpful and we will let you know which ideas we are gonna try. Each time they do, you must masturbate to orgasm within 20 minutes of receiving the text. Your partner gets to pleasure you with a vibrator for 10 minutes. Your next shower must include 60 seconds of pure cold water. They can decide how far you need to go to deserve it. If you want to have an orgasm tonight, you must first ask your partner's permission.

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I’m looking for something truly dirty for a truth or dare, and get…..

Hey all, So me and my boyfriend are looking for dares and forfeits to be completed by or on the loser of a certain game (poker, blackjack, hi card etc). Your partner may text you at any point and as often as they like. Rub an ice cube into your genitals whilst telling your partner how good it feels. Beg your partner to be allowed to give them oral sex. Masturbate with your underwear until your partner tells you to stop. For the next ten minutes, your mouth belongs to your partner. You may keep it for getting out of later forfeits or sell it to your partner- if the price is right.

Let me know what you think, also post your results here if you gave any a go. Who yearns to be punished, craves and needs the pleasures of pain?

__________________ I expect your detailed and exciting report. This is a rather innocent but potentially embarrassing forfeit I came up with: "Hand-write and mail a 150 words love letter to everyone in the group." It's from a rather gross drinking game I created:

– so right off the bat, you can’t just come out and say “Hey let’s play sexy truth or dare” when he gets home from work.