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I thought it'd be a lot cooler & way more fun to ...I am a self confessed shy girl who has always been intimitaded by really good looking girls and because of that have never taken that many pictures.

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Of course they said they would and for the most part they did and I was happy overall but they did stir up some trouble. We have been visiting this site for a while now and always talk about doing some of the dares that others have been doing. Or maybe "for" me depending on how you look at it, I guess. This place seems to be full of people so I thought I'd ask a question.

I have been trying to get my gf to do a dare herself for a while now and finally convinced her to do one. My husband and I have not yet tried spouse trading or swapping or anything but we have come very close to a threesome with his brother. So I just graduated and moved to a new city for my first real job and have started to become "friends" with this guy. This is just another pic from our recent party, more of them to come, but in the meantime, we want to hear people's dares for us, and we'll try to make them happen.

He found your site one day while taking matters into hand when I was at work and showed it to me.

More specifically he showed me My wife and I spent a glorious weekend at a hotel and lived out some of our fantasies.

We are all natural voyeurs (although many won't admit it) and are drawn to what we're not supposed to see. My boyfriend bought me a webcam and after playing with it and getting used to it he dared me to try it with a ...