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It was just that the majority of them were like Yue Zhong and didn’t come from any particular background, killing weaklings such as normal zombies, which they could rely on their absolute power to easily pulverize.

The post of Regiment Commander will be held by Yue Zhong, who shall also hold the post of Commander of the 1st Main Battalion.

The post of Regiment Vice‐commander will be held by Chi Yang, who shall also hold the post of Commander of the 2nd Main Battalion.

Subsequently, Yue Zhong only established four battalions with just over 1000 men.

The 1st Main Battalion under Yue Zhong’s command had over 400 people altogether, grouping a large number of the elite soldiers and evolvers together.

After the ‘end of the world’, men had relatively strong bodies and thus their survival rate was quite high.


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