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It’s always a mystery bag of veggies because he has a hard time identifying veggies! If you haven’t signed up yet, its not too late 🙂 click here to get the details and join.

He thought the cabbage and swiss chard was lettuce and the kohlrabi was an onion 😛 It makes things more interesting though because I’ve never cooked kohlrabi or swiss chard 🙂 Here’s to another week full of fresh veggies! My market is open on Saturdays only, so my meal plans will be from Saturday-Friday.

You will probably notice from my meal plan that we LOVE sandwiches 😉 I plan to make my own mayo from local eggs for the spread. I also love to make my own bread so I will make a couple loaves this weekend 🙂 Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned when you start your shopping this weekend, things sell out- but don’t worry! Maybe they are sold out of blueberries- pick a different berry, your dish will still be delicious I promise 🙂 you can’t really go wrong with fresh produce!

I’ll be posting a recipe from my meal plan later this week 🙂 If you have questions, leave a comment below or email me- [email protected] you on Instagram & Twitter?

I was feeling great from all the delicious and nutritious produce. The markets are only open on Saturdays- meaning if I forgot to buy something then I couldn’t just go out and buy it midweek. I have many new recipes I created to use local produce that are now favourites in our house!


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