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He showed her around the house, the bedrooms, balcony, drawing room, study room, the big bathroom with its tub, the shower and the kitchen. He had a good business selling used books and CDs and life insurance in a little office on the edge of Kolkata’s business district. Theirs had been a perfect match, both in the sense that they shared lots of interests, and because the sex had been fantastic for both of them.

He also had a secret profession – but that’s another story. But all this was due to the insurance settlement that resulted from the death of his wife. They’d spent untold hours learning how to satisfy each other and had been trying to get her pregnant when she’d been killed by a drunk driver. He couldn’t abide the thought of dating after that, and had remained both single and pretty much celibate since then.

Many peoples in my family, relatives and friend circle feels that I can become an actress but I am not interested.

I should not mention more about my beauty and come to the point. I live in Mumbai in a 2 BHK apartment with my mom, Shilpa, 38. One day I was returning from college, and as I reached the main gate of our building, I noticed a new family was moving into our building. As the ‘packers and movers’ guys left, only one man was remaining and I just said hello to him. “Hello beta, myself Vinod” As we were going upstairs, I asked him about his family. As I came to 3rd floor, where my flat was, I stopped and knocked the door.

A beautiful, smart woman, 5’4″ tall, with curves 34c-26-38, 56 kg, fair complexion. She pestered me to tell her where it was but all I said was that soon she would find out.