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** Spoilers**The other reviews have hit all the important high points.This is, indeed, a lovingly filmed story, with lots to reflect on in the difference that social class made -- just after WWI -- in England.I was too often aware I was watching her Act, especially when naked. James Wilby had pretty much perfected the upper class twit, though the vitriolic nastiness he brings to Chatterley is probably the acme of his career.

They were strangers at first and only knew they needed what everyone needs, tenderness in their lives.

It felt like I was watching two people desperate in their search, almost helplessly drawn to find happiness against all odds.

I personally don't care if Sean Bean did not appear completely naked, and if the lovemaking was wooden at first, it felt right given the circumstances.

These actors are bringing characters to life for us and it should not be forgotten this is not a view into an affair between the actors, it is the portrayal of characters brought to life by good acting and believable direction.

And as to their doing it `Greek' -- I perceive what's portrayed is simply rear-entry, like most mammals, what Lawrence referred to as `à l'italien'.


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