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Search Do ULike for local Nova Scotia Personals and start meeting people today!953 people completed this year’s Sex and Dating Survey online, motivated only by promises of complete anonymity and kinky catharsis.Fuck the fuck, I just want the puck 3% Screw hockey, I'll take the sex 97% Have sex with Justin Bieber, or listen to his music while you're gettin' busy with someone else?

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3% ♡ What's the best thing your date can do to impress you?

Be curious about me 55% ♡ Dress up 10% Smell good 9% Show up 6% Have sex with me 5% Flatter me 4% Pay for everything 3% Make great conversation 5% Be real 2% Other / misc.

1 52% ♡ 2-5 39% 6-11 8% 12-23 1% 24-51 1% ♡ That’s ___________ as the year before. north end 16% Quinpool/west end 15% south end 13% Dartmouth 12% out of town in Nova Scotia 11% Clayton Park/Fairview 11% Bedford 5% out of town in the rest of Canada 5% downtown/Barrington/waterfront 5% Cole Harbour/Eastern Shore 4% out of the country 2% In the work world, I am a…

fully employed citizen 32% student 29% professional type 24% part-timer 5% member of the unemployed 4% contract worker 3% artist and/or self-employed 2% entrepreneur 1% My political views are closest to the following leader whose time as a human inspiration is sadly over Jack Layton (NDP) 39% Justin Trudeau’s father (Liberal) 24% Mahatma Gandhi (Occupy movement) 14% Silent Spring author Rachel Carson (Green) 10% Sir John A.

Macdonald (Progressive Conservative) 6% Jesus/Buddha/Allah (my house of worship is my co-pilot) 5% Stephen Harper (Conservative Reform Alliance Party) 2% Back to top What's the best way to meet people?