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I felt much ‘lighter’ and my joints were much more fluid when moving.Also, using the machine on massage mode allowed me to feel much less stressed, so the mind and body felt more cohesive and ‘on the same page’. ""My body gets stressed really easily and I have found that after a 10min workout I feel so good and relaxed, best thing I could have done is purchase a Gravity Revolution machine. I used the starter program for only 2 weeks, and then started to find my own way around the machine. I have noticed that my clothes fit better and that I am more toned.I recently tried the Gravity Revolution with Dhyana for a few sessions and was so impressed I intend to buy one for my home use.

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"spending most of my adult life as a professional rugby player, my body was riddled with injuries and aches.

I have added the Gravity Revolution machine as a part of my training.

I also have a 20-month old boy who is anti sleep so when I feel myself nodding off I stand on it and give me a blast at about 20 hertz...""I am the Harbour Master at Wells Next the Sea in Norfolk, UK.

It is a high stress job leaving little time for exercise.

And don’t worry – the solutions are do-able and realistic – you won’t be asked to run 10km!!