Chatall girls

Usually it’s my big hats or pink pants or nipples." — Angela, who is not exaggerating at all. "I don't trust anything from someone who calls himself the Sucklord.

"[Crying.] You need to get off the Adderall or something." — Chantal, to her "business partner" Claudia. "I accidentally showed [my boyfriend]'s boss a picture of my vagina." — Chantal. "My family will definitely be excited if I get a paying job; they've wanted me to have that forever." — Maggie. "Your friend is a disgusting vile commoner creature." — Liz, to Maggie. "Amy's apartment is large, expensive, and gaudy, just like Amy." — Angela.

One has flown the coop for Los Angeles, one is pursuing a career as a DJ (to be honest, we’re surprised there’s only one), and a couple are still actually in the art world. taken-by=phamgela Angela Pham We’ve seen Angela Pham around town for her gig as a party photographer for Billy Farrell Agency, where she’s captured various chic events including this summer’s annual Glass House party, where she was unexpectedly reunited with former castmate Chantal Chadwick. Her personal website indicates that she’s dabbled in editorial photography and has even shot the likes of Jay Z.

From the looks of it, her work is no longer “teetering on the precipice of moroseness.” BB9Dguo J/?

She appears to have dropped the second part of her last name, in what we imagine might be an attempt to distance herself from the show. taken-by=elizabethmargulies Liz Margulies We saw the sharp-tongued, blonde daughter of megacollector Marty Margulies wandering the hallways alongside her father at the VIP opening of the new Whitney museum a few months ago, and couldn’t help but notice that she looked a little different.